65% of all Emails are now viewed through Smartphones and Tablets.

A recently published report by Movable Ink is demonstrating what many of us have already known for quite some time, that mobile marketing has tremendous potential and that the increased use of smartphones and tablets for the simple review of emails is increasing at an alarming rate.

Further statistics in this report show that while only 35% of emails are currently being opened through the traditional methods of laptops and desktop computers, the remaining 65% are being reviewed through digital mobile devices.  Breaking this down even further, nearly 48% of all emails are being opened through smartphones with the remaining 17% being reviewed by tablets.

This translates to an increased need for marketing professionals to come up with a way to engage their customer base through a stronger focus on the combination of mobile marketing strategies and email marketing campaigns.  This only makes good sense with such high percentages, numbers that have consistently increased every quarter and are only expected to continue to escalate even more in the future.

The results of the Movable Ink research can be viewed in the “US Consumer Device Preference Report: Q4 2013”.  The 65% of opened emails were a recent statistic from the last fiscal quarter of 2013, which had risen significantly by 4% from the preceding third quarter.  Within this same timeframe, the opening of emails on laptops and desktop decreased sharply from 39% to 35%.

More valuable insights from the Movable Ink report include:

  • IPhone users spend more time viewing emails than any other demographic, 38% of which usually spend 15% more time viewing each individual email conversation.  Android users were the second highest rated.
  • Tablet usages rose from 15% to 16% during this same timeframe.  Android tablets usage for email viewing nearly doubled, even though its market share was still only 1.8%.

2014 is expected to be very telling in our ability to forecast just how significant these changes in email interactions will be.  The resulting trends as yet to be determined in the coming year may forever change our marketing strategies can campaigns substantially.

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