Millenial Media’s State of the Apps Report.

Today guys from Millennial Media  published their State of the Apps report for 2014.

Millennial Media’s State of the Apps report takes a closer look into the app economy. Through a survey of app developers and publishers, this report features insights into monetization trends, as well as developers’ goals and priorities for last year and this coming year. The report also captures what developers are designing for and the platforms on which they see their impressions.

Download it from their page or by clicking here.

Interesting facts about monetisation:

  • 90% of developers say more than half of their apps are supported by ads
  • 56% expect the percentage of revenue from in-app advertising to go up in 2014
  • 88% of in-app ads can accommodate rich media and/or video.
  • 83% of developers are monetizing their apps. Of this 83%, most make their money from advertising (73%), followed by paid app downloads (45%). Of the 17% of developers who don’t currently monetize their apps, 46% expect to do so in 2014

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